dust controlDust from unpaved roads and surfaces is a common, dirty problem that can be both unhealthy and expensive if not properly treated.  It is present in the air, thus can cause health problems for human lungs, and can negatively impact the operation of equipment and machinery.  Small particles of both visible and non-visible soil (dust), get sent airborne by the wind or passing vehicles.  An environmentally safe and cost-effective dust control solution is needed to minimize dust and stabilize soil.

Our sister company, Environmental Energy Solutions manufactures and applies its premier dust control product, Ultra Bond™, which is state approved, and a dirt and gravel task force approved, dust control emulsion.  It has been used for nearly 15 years with great success.  It is a resin-based solution that does not rapidly dissipate during normal rain events.  EES is capable of applying the material at a calculated rate to ensure positive dust control results.

Ultra Bond™ has a proven track record of success and is used in a wide variety of commercial and private dust control applications and industries, including;  Municipalities, Industrial, Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction Sites, Steel Mills, and Parks, to name a few.  In addition to our emulsion, resin-based product, Ultra Bond™, EES also offers a Magnesium Chloride Blend, DMF-55, and a Calcium Chloride Blend, SCF-58, for use in a variety of situations as the particular need may dictate.  All EES products provide cost-effective solutions to the problem of dust control and soil stabilization.

  • Controls Dust
  • Stabilizes Soil
  • Improves Health
  • Increases Engine Life
  • Ultra Bond™ is Environmentally Safe
  • Cost Effective

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